Why NeuroLingua®?

Choosing NeuroLingua® means that you will benefit from having one-to-one interactive sessions. Having a dedicated language instructor, you will directly benefit from personalized lessons that put you in charge of your own learning and at your own pace. The main impetus of this language training is to allow each student to focus on areas of learning that are directly relevant to his or her own situation. The result of this will provide increased motivation and flexibility as well as a fun experience without the worry that the lessons adhere to strict teaching guidelines and targets. Motivation is gained because each student will be speaking a foreign language very early on from the start of the sessions and this is what builds confidence without any fear of making errors. 


Our pledge to you!

As an experienced Advanced Neurolanguage®* coach I am able to understand and gauge your learning progress from an
in-depth comprehension of how language learning processes are built.

Our sessions will involve:

• Facilitating changes in brain pathways that stimulate the brain into establishing the new language pathways in order to change the way the brain processes new language skills.  With the acquisition of new behavior patterns in learning, the consolidation of foreign-speaking skills becomes more clearly established and more easily attained.

• Helping you replace more established neural language maps with new ones; this will help you increase your ability to remain highly motivated so that you can focus your attention on the new neural language maps so that they become ingrained and hardwired.

• Diverting your attention from language dilemmas and problems of language solutions and outcomes, to enable you to remain focused on new positive language behaviors and changes.  The result will be to empower you to take action to achieve those changes.

• Reducing your feelings of the ‘threat’ response in order to try to change your mind into believing it is enjoying the experience and placing you in the mode of an ‘ideal reward’ condition, enhancing your learning.

• Engaging you in powerful language conversation and questioning, that provoke and stimulate your own reflection; self-reflection means you are internally focused and able to block out eternal distractions; by this method it will help to really stretch your ability to come up with your own answers and solutions in the choice of words.

• Mapping our conversations means that you will be frequently guided regarding the topics under discussion whilst being engaged in the conversation. This will mean that the two-way conversation will be continually reinforced and will produce stronger neural pathways and established learning behaviours.

• Providing you with honest feedback but in a non-judgmental  way.  Ensuring you remain optimistic and positive will help to  reinforce ‘new wiring’ within the brain and help you to create and maintain new mental language maps.


* Neurolanguage Coaching® method is a registered US and European trademark in the name of Rachel Marie Paling

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